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Whether you are a performer, teacher, or service professional, our platform gives you:


Get discovered by your professions, work experience, and colleague network, all in one place


Get Hired, book other artists, and build your reputation


Never worry about late payments, unclear contract terms, or enforcing your studio policies.


Focus on what matters while we handle the administrative side of your career.

Join the first platform dedicated to artists, teachers, and creative professionals


Represent Yourself

Show off your skills as a multifaceted artist: get paid hourly as a teacher or per gig as a performer, all with the same profile.

Get Hired

Manage your offers, negotiate better rates, and hire other professionals, across multiple disciplines, locations, and experience levels.

Build Your Brand

Cultivate your reputation and grow your professional network by having employers and colleagues endorse your skills and work history

Get Paid

Never worry about unclear contract terms, awkward negotiations, surprise commitments, and bounced checks.


Flexible Billing Options

Charge different rates for all of your professions under the same profile.

No Late Payments

Never worry about chasing down another payment with our automatic and secure payment system.

Enforced Studio Policies

Set your studio policies while we ensure they are respected and transparent. No more awkward conversations or unwarranted make-up lessons.

Real-time Scheduling

Take away the busy work of coordinating your work schedule. Set you work hours, get booked and enjoy automatic integration with your favorite calendar service.

Unify your art and business on one platform

Use powerful features to streamline your career

Better than a website

Feature your skills and connections on a sleek profile and free hosting for all your professional media

Easy Booking

Set your rates, create bundles, and add cancellation policies automatically enforced by Resonance.

A Modern Resume

Connect your work history to thousands of colleagues on a shared network that grows with each individual entry.

Find Anyone

Search for colleagues across the entire creative arts industry by their profession and work experience.

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Get booked, negotiate terms, and build your career.

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