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Am I guaranteed to get work on Resonance?

It depends!

Every professional will have a different experience on Resonance. Some will start earning right away, while others may take longer. This may be due to where you live, how many similar professionals are in your area, how much you charge, and how many different kinds of services you offer.

With Resonance, you can offer different kinds of services on your profile, each with their own rates and policies. If employers are looking for what you offer, they are likely to find you on our search engine.

To best portray yourself on Resonance, we suggest you do the following:

  1. Build a fantastic, media-rich profile

  2. Set yourself apart by choosing unique skills for your profession card

  3. Provide in-demand services both online and in-person.

Here are some more things you can do to get hired more often:

  • Include detailed information about your service policies and requirements

  • Keep your Availability open and consistent week to week

  • Make sure the area and location of your provided services is clear

  • Keep in mind that your gender and age can matter to some people

  • Add your education and work experiences to your profile

  • Show your proficiency in multiple languages

  • Mention your willingness to work with special needs employers

  • Specify whether you have pets

All of the above will help employers better decide whether they want to hire you. Before you make your profile public, make sure you add as much information about yourself as possible.


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