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How do I delete my profession card?

Here are a few ways that you can edit a profession card:

  • To edit specific information of a card, tap the card on your profile that you want to edit In the expanded view of the card, you’ll be presented with purple edit buttons under each section.

To remove your card from search results, tap on the card and set the “Public” toggle switch to off at the top of the page.

To delete a profession card entirely, tap on the card to and tap the 3 dots on the top of the page. Tap delete profession card. NOTE: Once you’ve deleted a profession card, you will be unable to recover it.

To completely remove a profession category, tap the Edit button next to your profile picture, then tap the Edit icon next to “Profession Categories”. Tap the delete icon next to a category to remove it entirely from your profile. NOTE: Once you’ve deleted a profession category you will be unable to recover it. Any cards under this category will also be permanently deleted.


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