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How do I trigger payment for a session?

Tap the “Get Paid” button in the Booking details screen, available once a session has started.

To collect payment for a session follow these easy steps:

  • Go to Confirmed Bookings under the Engagements tab and tap on the Booking Details card.

  • Tap Get Paid at the bottom of the screen

  • The funds will be immediately collected from the booker and deposited into your Earnings account.

  • If you forget to tap collect funds during the session, go to Completed Bookings and tap Get Paid to receive payment.

If an employer or student is not present at the start time of the session, tapping the button assures that you still get paid for your time.

Resonance makes managing your business as a professional more streamlined and less stressful. Focus on what matters while we handle the busy work!


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