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How many services can I offer?

You can offer a variety of services under one profile.

At Resonance, we know most creative professionals earn income through multiple revenue channels, like performing, teaching, and more.

Our platform allows professionals to list multiple services online and in person, charge different prices, create custom cancellation policies, and have multiple work schedules, all under one profile.

You can customize your profile with multiple profession cards, each one showing up independently in the search results of potential employers.

On Resonance, you can be:

  1. A pianist that works as a solo performer, piano teacher, and accompanist.

  2. A singer who works as an opera singer, jazz singer, and voice teacher.

  3. A photographer who also works as a video editor, audio engineer, and lighting technician.

Resonance is the best platform to generate income in the creative industry, no matter what services you offer. Build your profile today and start earning!


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