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What are the fees associated with using Resonance?

There are no subscription fees to register & create a professional, media-rich profile on Resonance.

We collect a service fee at the end of every successful transaction.

This service fee includes both the 2.9% + .30c Stripe processing fee, and a flat 6% Resonance service fee. The funds minus the service fee are automatically disbursed immediately to the professional’s Stripe Connect account 15 mins after the start time of a scheduled booking.

We encourage professionals to adjust their prices and incorporate the service fee into their public rate.

We pride ourselves in charging the lowest fees of any similar competitor, with some charging close to 40% for every transaction in addition to a monthly subscription fee.

When considering the fact that Resonance offers Unlimited Media Profile, an automated schedule, multi-profession support, cancellation protection, and so much more, we know that any professional looking to earn will find value in our platform.

We hope you enjoy using Resonance and know you’ll be earning in no time!

Get Seen, Get Hired, Get Paid.


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