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What’s a Profession Card?

A Profession Card is the most important step to start earning on Resonance.

When creating a profession card, you'll be giving information about a specific service that you offer. You'll add unique skills to describe your talents, and set up your availability, price, cancellation policies, and any additional information.

Once you go public with your profession card, employers, students and other professionals can find you in search results, request a booking, pay you for your services, and review you for a successful engagement.

Make sure to build a fantastic and rich profile before you make your profession card public!

On Resonance, we encourage you to add multiple Profession Cards to your profile so you can get hired and paid for a variety of services.

On your profile, you can customize each profession card to display different media and information for other users to see.

For example, if you work as a voice teacher and a jazz pianist, you can create two profession cards and feature different pictures and videos under each. Your teacher card will display videos of teaching your students or showcasing recital performances, while your pianist card will have clips of your concerts and quotes from news articles.

Of course, you can always use the same content across all cards.


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