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Why are skills important?

Skills are important for a number of reasons:

  1. They determine how you rank in search results when compared to other individuals with the same profession category.

  2. They allow employers to search for users who have specific specializations and skills.

  3. Your specializations are displayed on your card in search results.

In addition to their primary specialization, professionals can choose up to 3 top skills for each profession card.

Here’s an example of how 3 voice teachers in the same area distinguish themselves when viewed together in search results:

  • Voice Teacher 1 has Top Skills in Pop, Rock, & Jazz.

  • Voice Teacher 2 has Top Skills in Opera, Musical Theater, & Art Song.

  • Voice Teacher 3 has Top Skills in Country, Folk, & Christian Contemporary music.

In these examples, potential students come to look for voice teachers based on a number of criteria, such as price, availability, and location. In addition, they can add specific skills to their search, which help them narrow results even further.

Choosing the right skills increases the chance of matching with employers who are more likely to hire you.


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