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Sean Christensen

Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer

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Sean brings over a decade of experience in the creative economy as a successful mainstage opera singer where he performed lead roles at dozens of companies across the US.


Mr. Christensen earned a bachelor’s degree in music with a focus on singing at Bard College and received a master’s degree in music at Mannes College in Manhattan. A Swiss national raised in France and the United States, Mr. Christensen has always been passionate about language and is fluent in French, German, and English.

In addition to his work as an artist, Sean previously was a manager and investor at Appcompanist, where he oversaw over 30 recording artists and quality controlled their output. 


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Co-founder, CEO

Sean Christensen Headshot.JPEG

Co-founder, COO


Co-founder, CTO


Partner, CBO


Business Development

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