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Can students & employers pay me directly?

No, all payments for your services must go through Resonance.

As a professional who lists on Resonance, you agree as per our Terms of Service that all payments must be processed through our platform. Taking money outside our service is a violation of that agreement. Other sites often charge exorbitant transaction fees, subscriptions, up-front listing fees, or charges for each lead, we don’t. We only make money when you do!

Violating this agreement will result in an immediate account ban and removal from our network. We believe Resonance is the best way to make money in the creative industry, and we would hate to lose you!

It’s also important to remember that your search ranking is influenced by the amount of successful engagements you’ve had on the platform, so the more work you do on Resonance, the likelier you’ll find new students and employers to hire you! We encourage you to review our Terms of Service for any questions you might have about using our platform.


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