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Getting paid for a Service

As a professional, you can choose two ways of getting paid on Resonance: Per Session and Per Service. The Per Service options lets professionals offer services that aren't tied to specific time slot. It's ideal for projects, performances, gigs, and more. This article outlines the types of services you can offer, how to negotiate a proposal, and how payment works.

Types of Services

Here are some examples of the different types of services that professionals can offer using the Per-Service payment preference:

  • Performance

  • Commission

  • Lesson Bundle

  • Event

  • Projects

Note: If you are a teacher and want to offer lesson bundles, you can create a Per-Service card that students can use to pay upfront for a package of lessons. Once the request is accepted, the students can book you using your regular Per-Session card. For more help, contact us directly by clicking here.


When a user requests a service, you'll receive a proposal in the Engagements tab. You'll be able to see any details added by the user, and take action by either Accepting, Modifying, or Declining.

Please note, a proposal can only be accepted if it includes a Payment Amount and a Payment Date:

Payment Amount

This is the amount to be paid for the services. Both parties can edit the amount until the proposal is finalized.

Payment Date

This is the date when payment for a service will be available to be processed. On that date, the professional will have the option to press "Get Paid" and process payment for the engagement.

The payment date is determined during the proposal negotiation. Both parties can edit the date until the proposal is finalized, after which the date can no longer be changed.


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